IT solutions and outsourcing to Ukraine

We are the small team of Software Engineers and IT experts with up to 15 years of experience in the industry.

Our work


Software for mod XBox 360, XBox One, PS3 and PS4 controllers

Software for mod XBox 360 controllers PICkit2 PIC24 embedded programming process in action for mod XBox One controllers

We've made these amazing products along with Einar (owner) and Nate.
We were involved in... read more


Large Social Media Loyalty platform in United States and Canada

Last year I had a luckiness to work there. I led local developers as a part of large distributed team with main office in Toronto.
MoPals is a social media site start-up with powerful technical backend. They use most trend technologies, agile and TDD approach.

Web-based ERP/sales system for virtual 3G/4G operator in Bulgaria

Supply review page - Sales system for 3G operator Mobile dashboard page - Sales system for 3G operator Mobile sale page - Sales system for 3G operator Sale page - Sales system for 3G operator

The one of our latest jobs powered by Yii, KnockoutJS and Bootstrap.

Our recent uploads Google Play

Taxonet Passenger

Mamulov Vladimir - 5 November 2014


Available on Android App Store

★★★☆☆ (8)

Best of Vine Soundboard

Pico Brothers - 3 November 2014


Available on Android App Store

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Homework Help for Students
Homework Help for Students

David Cutts - 11 July 2014


Available on Android App Store

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Power Jump
Power Jump

Feofanix - 21 June 2014


Available on Android App Store

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More apps

Social Media & Location Base Network security (VPN, IPSec, PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN) Mobile CRM & Custom Applications Marketplace & Communities Music & Multimedia Background & Monitoring Services Puzzle Games & 3D Engine Live Wallpapers 3D (LWP) Gallary & Catalogs

ERP for wood processing company

ERP for wood processing company
  • Budgeting and costing
  • Manufacturing (materials, work orders, scheduling, capacity, workflow, quality control, product life cycle)
  • Supply chain management
  • Project management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Human resources
  • Access control
  • Financial accounting (Integration with "1C" software)

Note: after first version created by our team for wood processing factory this system was further developed and integrated in up to ten of Ukrainian companies. Now the system is known as TavisSoft

Print Tracking Software

Print Tracking Software
  • Job tracking (GUI lock or silent mode)
  • Toner coverage calculation (B&W & color), printer profiles
  • Paid printing, user accounts, pre-paid & online payments
  • Rich customized reports with wizards & filters
  • Admin tools, flexible configuration, MSSQL
  • LDAP integration and network printers scanner
  • Distributed installation / autoupdates

IT Solutions

SIP softphone for web applications

Need VoIP integration into your CRM, call center or any other web application? We offer a simple desktop SIP softphone easily integrated with HTML side of your web application via simple JavaScript library.

IPSec VPN client for Android

Enables Android to work with VPN servers based on Racoon, VPNC, Windows. Lets your app to manage connection and profiles.

Universal PC/Android bootloader for Microchip PIC24

Dual-mode bootloader firmware, code libraries, demo software for PC/Mac/Linux and Android. AES encryption. Compatibility with Microchip botloader protocol.

Android USB accessories library

Android service and GUI examples that provides stable connection and API for raw communication with any USB accessory

Marker augmented reality for Android and iOS

Using mobile camera detects a game card (by its frame), sends on server, recognize image trough thousands of cards in database and returns full details about the item.

Taxi location tracking and navigation

Complex solution for taxi companies. Includes android terminal app for drivers, online taxi ordering system (website and mobile app), dynamic web based software for dispatcher office, VoIP telephony and POS devices integration.

Cross platform 2d game engine `K5 Engine`

Free version includes core lib binaries, code samples, community, game editors and tools. Works on Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android. Multi-render for DirectX and OpenGL.

CRM Web Application. Good point to start developing of your own custom CRM application.

CRM web application

Good point to start developing of your own custom CRM application.
Developed for car leasing orders processing and customer management.
Has flexible core to easily adapt it to any business. Driven by CakePHP / MySQL.

Penny / minute auction game

Looking for quick launching of your own penny auction? Our solution already has basic functionality.
Easily adapt it to any business. Also it's technically well designed and scaling-ready! Driven by CakePHP / MySQL.


Interactive technologies

Interactive floor, interactive walls, augmented reality, computer vision...

Mobile apps development

Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 apps development. Web based backends. Services, native JNI libraries, linux open source ports.

Web development

Web development based on trend technologies (PHP 5.4, node.js, AngularJS, html5/css3, mysql/nosql). Agile process, integration with PhpStorm, TDD approach with PHPUnit, websockets, Amazon clouds etc

Game development

Cross-platform casual games development. Art, music, programming, testing...

...and also

Custom software engineering

Business process automation

Electronics and digital products development

Internet marketing and SEO

Graphical design



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We are technical guys, we love what we do. But we think wide. We help developing business of our customers (you can directly make sure asking them).

You must have technical background to speak same language with us. If you have funding and strongly know what you need - just hire us.

We have no sales guy to `smarm` you. We might be busy with existing projects, so we apologize up front if we have not responded immediately, if we interested we will reply you asap.